Are you a small Mom and Pop Pizza Shop?

Is this you? You have a small pizza shop, don't want to spend a fortune on a POS or computer, but do want your customers to be able to order from their Smart Phones or PC?

Then online ordering from Pizza Galaxy is your best choice.

Since 2004 Pizza Galaxy has provided online ordering services for small, family owned pizza shops. We are one of the most cost effective services in the industry. We are professional, friendly and focus on providing you with a service that makes you money. This lets you focus on making great food. Our service includes features that encourage larger orders and more frequent visits from your customers.

We do all the work. From initial set up, to managing menu changes, to sending out free emails to your customers with only your offers.

How it works.

Customers order from your online menu using their smartphones, Laptops, or any PC.

Orders arrive at your shop by fax, no computer needed. Or we can send orders to your email or web printer.

Customers can pay by cash, credit card or Paypal.

Boost sales and customer satisfaction

Online ordrs are larger than phone in orders. Customers who order online never wait on hold, or worry about a mistake in their order.

If you are looking for the perfect online ordering system, for your small pizza shop or restaurant, contact us online.
Or call us at (203) 230-9662.

Want to give it a try first? Place an order at our Demo Pizzeria site.

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